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Third Year Bachelor of Arts
Hindi  (With Effect From June-2010)
English English Compulsory
Paper-VI 20th Century Literature in English
Paper-VII Indian Writing in English
Paper-VIII Classics of Poetry in English in Translations
Paper-IX Classics of Fiction & Drama in English Translations
Paper-X Literary Criticism
Paper-XI The English Language

Economics Paper-VI Macro Economics
Paper-VII International Economics
Paper-VIII Public Economics
Paper-IX Development and Environmental Economics  OR
Paper -IX Economics of Developing counties
Paper -X History of Economics Thought  OR
Paper -X Mathematical Economics   OR
Paper -X Computer and Its Application   OR
Paper -X Co-operation and Banking  OR
Paper -X Economics Investigation - II
Paper -XI Demography   OR
Paper -XI Regional Economics  OR
Paper -XI Economics Essay  OR

History Paper-V
Paper-VII Elements of Historical Methods
Paper-VII History of Gujarati
Paper-VIII History of Gujarati (Optional)
Paper-IX The Constitutional History of India ( Main)
Paper-X History of the U.S.A. (Main)
Paper-XI Essays (Optional)  OR
Paper-XI History of East-Asia with Special reference to China & Japan 1839-1960 (Optional)

Mathematics Paper-VI Abstract Algebra General Principal Subsidiary
Paper-VII Analysis-I
Paper-VIII Analysis-II (Principal & Subsidiary)
Paper-IX Principles of Mechanics   OR
Paper-IX Operations Research
Paper-X Discrete Mathematics  OR
Paper-X Topology

Sociology Paper-VI Research Methods and statistical Analysis
Paper-VII Sociology Thinkers
Paper-VIII Social Change in Modern India
Paper-IX Urban Sociology  OR
Paper-IX Rural Sociology  OR
Paper-IX Woman and Society  OR
Paper-IX  Industrial Sociology  OR
Paper-IX Sociology of Criminal Behavior

Psychology Paper-VI Abnormal Psychology
Paper-VII Research Methods in Psychology
Paper-VIII Experimental Psychology
Paper-IX Community Psychology
Paper-IX Industrial Psychology
Paper-X Development Psychology
Paper-X  Psychology Personality
Paper-X Psychology of Sex and Married Life
Paper-XI Counseling and Psychotherapy
Paper-XI  Essay (Optional Paper)

Statistics Paper-VI Mathematical Statistics-II
Paper-VII Statistical Interface and Design of Experiments
Paper-VIII Sampling Techniques & Statistical Quality Control
Paper-IX Mathematical Methods
Paper-X Operation Research (Optional Paper-I)
Paper-X Computer Programming & Mathematical (Optional Paper-II)

Sanskrit Paper-VI

Home Science Paper-VI

Family Housing & Home Furnishing


Food Preservation


Advance Clothing & Textile


Home Science Extension Education & Communication


Community Nutrition Education


Child with Special Needs

Political Science Paper-VI

Political Ideologies


Western Political Thought


Modern Indian Political Thought


Public Administration


Indian Constitution OR


Modern Constitution

Paper-XI Political Essays OR
Paper-XI Local Self Government and Panchayat Raj