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(New Course in force from JUNE 2009)
Objectives :

The student-teacher :

  1. Acquires competence to teach subjects of his/her specialization on the basis of accepted principles of learning and teaching in the context of the new school curriculum.

  2. Develops skills, understanding, interests and attitude which enable him/her to foster all-round growth and development of the children under his/her care.

  3. Develops skills in identifying, selecting, innovating and organizing learning experiences for teaching the required subjects. 

  4. Develops understanding of psychological principles of growth and development, individual differences and similarities and cognitive connective and affective learning.         

  5. Develops skills ion guiding and counseling the children in solving their personal as well as academic problems.

  6. Understand the role of the home, the peer group and the community in shaping the personality of the child and help to develop and amicable, home-school relationship for mutual benefit.  

  7. Understands the role of school in changing society.

  8. Understands the administrative structure of secondary education in Gujarat State.

  9. Understands theoretical and practical aspects of health and recreational activities.

Edu. 0.1 :

        A candidate of the degree of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) must be a graduate of the Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University or of a University recognised by the Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, in any faculty and in addition, must after graduations, have - 

(1)     Kept two terms (the First and Seconds) of lectures on the theory and practice of education in college affiliated to or the B.Ed.

         kept of the Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University for the purpose of the B.Ed. degree, and   
(2)     completed a course of practical work extending over two terms to the satisfaction of the Head of the college or

         B.Ed. department of Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University in which the candidate is studying,  consisting of -
            (a)  Teaching practice of not less than 40 lessons in the two subjects selected by him, distributed over standards V to XII of

                   the recognised secondary school.
            (b)  Observation of 50 directed lessons given by other candidates and 10 observation given by Lecturers or senior teachers.

            (c)  Attendance at the demonstration and discussion lessons.

            (d)  Attendance at tutorials for the discussion of theory courses, and

            (e)  Completion of practical work related to the theory poetion.


                The examination for the B.Ed. Shall consist of -

                    Part - I   Written Examination (Theory)

                    Part - II  Practical Examination (Practical teaching and year's practical work in the college)


Edu. 0.2 :

        The examinations for Part-I may be taken after two terms attendance at an Education college or a B.Ed. Department of Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University as required in Edu. 0.1 candidates will not be permitted to appear for part-ii unless they produce a completion certificate of practical work done to the satisfaction of the Head of the Education College or B.Ed. department of Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University


Edu. 0.3 :

          The total no. of marks for part – I examination shall be 700, each paper carrying 100 marks.       


Edu. 0.4 :

           1)   There will be about 210 working days including the days for admission procedure, supervised practice teaching,

                 theoretical and practical instructional programme, evaluation and examination.

           2)   Time duration for the college of education shall be 6 hours instruction on each teaching day, of which 4 hours and 35    

                 minutes per day will be devoted to theoretical instruction, the rest to practical work.

           3)   In part-II of the examination, candidates will be tested in their practical skill of class management and teaching the two

                 subjects of their choices. The candidate will be required to keep the following for the inspection of the examiner :

                   a)   A note-book containing the criticism on the 10(ten) demonstration lessons and at least 50 lessons of other

                         candidates. Total observed by them during the year


           1)   Demonstration lessons (5 lessons in each subject method)        10

           2)   Lessons taught by trainees                                                 50


                   b)  A journal containing notes of at least 40 lessons given during the year and the criticism of the guide therein.

                   c)  Following logbook of practical work done during the year.


                     I.  A list of teaching aids made by trainees during the year and utilized by them in their practical lessons.

                    II.  A note book containing administration of 2(two) Psychological tests including scoring, interpretation and one

                         experiment done by the trainee.

                   III.  A note book containing construction of test items, unit test and examination question paper in each method.

                   IV.  A note book containing case study/action research/book review taken by trainees during the year.

                   V.   A note book containing assignment on contents of two subject offered by the trainee. (four assignments in each


                   VI.  A list of audio-visual equipment which trainee has utilized during the year in lessons given by him/her.


Edu. 0.5 :

          The Practical work done by the candidates during the year will consist of the following : 


A.     Classroom Teaching :                                                                                                Marks : 130


                        1.1        At least 30 lessons as per the following pattern I or pattern II will be given by the candidate.


Pattern – I


                                          I.      Micro teaching lessons                                                 6

                                         II.      Stray lessons given in peers group                                 2

                                        III.      Stray lessons in recognized schools                               10/14

                                        IV.      Lessons for unit teaching in recognized schools                12/8

                                                  during block teaching or off campus teaching


Pattern – II


                                         I.       Stray lessons in peers group                                          2

                                        II.       Stray lessons in recognized schools                                16/20

                                       III.       Lessons for unit teaching in recognized schools                12/8

                                                  during block teaching or off campus teaching


                                      1.2       Internship Programme including 10 lessons                         Marks 

                                                 and other activities.                                                      30

                                    (2)         Preparation of teaching aid (any one method)                    20

                                    (3)         Construction of examination paper of 100 marks in each       30

                                                method subject.(1+1)

                                                                                                              Total of   A =   210

Note :

                   a)      Not more than two lessons per day by a candidate will be allowed. All 40 lessons should be given under the    

                            supervision of the member of the teaching staff of the college, concerned or visiting lecturers registered by the

                            University or Head Master of secondary / higher secondary schools or senior teacher of secondary / higher        

                            secondary schools.

                   b)      Candidates should use all available audio-visual equipments in his / her lessons.

                   c)      Science trainees should demonstrate two science experiments related to school syllabus during their practical

                            lessons taught in the practicing schools.

                   d)      Two digital lessons during the whole year (one in each method) is compulsory.

                   e)      Practice Teaching will consists of :

                               I.      Compulsory internship programme for ten days.

                              II.      Block teaching / off campus not less than twelve days.

                   f)       In internship apart from teaching practice experience in school, the trainee-teacher should function as a regular

                            teacher in a school (i.e. taking attendance, participating in staff meeting, preparing ‘written work’, e.g. notices,

                            examination papers, letters to parents, maintenance of school records etc)


B.    Community Work and Co-curricular activities

                    1.      Social Work (Any Two Activities)                                                          20

                            -         Blood donation

                            -         Gram safai

                            -         Adult alternative education

                            -         Rescue activities

                            -         Any other social work

                   2.      Co-curricular activities including Games                                                   25

                   3.      Communication skills / Presentation of paper                                            15

                   4.      Creative work                                                                                     15

                   5.      Yoga                                                                                                 20


                                                                                                        Total of   B =           95


C.     Field based experience   

                   1.      Two  Psychological Tests                                                                       20

                   2.      One Psy. Experiment                                                                             10

                   3.      Case Study  / Action Research                                                                15

                   4.      Book Review   (Excluding Text-Book)                                                        10

                   5.      One Term Paper  ( Any Compulsory Subject )                                             10

                   6.      Four Assignments of Content Papers                         Content – 1                20

                                                                                                    Content – II                20


                                                                                                        Total of  C  =            105

D.     Periodical Test

                   1.      Terminal Test                                                                                        25

                   2.      Preliminary Examination                                                                           75

                   3.      Practical work (one in each paper- I to V)                                                  50


                                                                                                       Total of   D  =           150


                   1.      Attendance                                                                                          20

                   2.      Viva                                                                                                    20


                                                                                                       Total of  E   =             40



                                                                                                Two Annual Lessons                           100


                                                                                                       Total                          700

Edu. 0.6 :

            The total number of marks for part – II shall be 700 for the practical work done by the candidate and the internal examination


            1)   Up to a maximum of 600 marks shall be assigned by the Head of college or the B.Ed. department of Hemchandracharya    

                 North Gujarat University in which he/she is studying and will be communicated to the University before the University    

                 practical examination commences. Marks so assigned may be revised in the case of a candidate who fails to pass in the

                internal evaluation and applied for such revision provided.

                    a)    That he puts in regular attendance for a period of one month at least at the college in which he has previously

                           studied and

                    b)    That during this period he gives under the supervision of the college authorities six additional lessons in teaching

                           practice (and does other practical work) to the satisfaction of the Head of the college.

                The marks so obtained(i.e. marks for practical work and internal examination marks up to maximum  of 600 marks) by each

            candidate shall be put on the college notice board after the marks communicated to the University.

            For the remaining 100 marls, a candidate shall appear for a practical test of one full period lesson in each of the two subjects

            selected by him for paper – VI and paper – VII examination.


Edu. 0.7 :

            To pass the examination in part – I a candidate must obtain not less than 40 % of the total marks in each paper and 50 %

            marks in aggregate of seven papers.


Edu. 0.8 :

            To pass the examination in part – II a candidate must obtain 50 % of the total internal marks and 50 % marks in each of the

            two lesson of the University examination.


                On a new application being forwarded and fresh fee paid and with the fresh terms a candidate who has already passed the

            B.Ed. examination for any one content and method is allowed to present himself / herself again only for the examination in the

            other subject of content and method not offered by him / her for content and method at the previous examination. He / she

            will not be permitted to appear in the remaining compulsory subjects of the examination.


                A candidate thus passing the examination is not entitled for any award scholarship or class or for conferment of degree

            but he / she will be given certificate to that  effect that he / she has passed the examination on in the content and method

            of the examination.


Edu. 0.9 :

            Such of the candidates as appear for part I and II and obtain in aggregate of 70 % or more in each part shall be declared to

            have passed the examination with Distinction. Those who obtain 60 % or more in each part shall be declared to have passed

            the examination in the First Class  and those who obtain 50 % or more in each part shall be declared to have passed the

            examination in the Second Class. Candidate failing in either part – I or in part – II will not be entitled to a class.


                Successful candidates who are not eligible for a class those passing the examination in compartments will be declared to

            have passed the examination in Pass Class.


                For the award of prizes, scholarships and Gold Medals, the marks obtained in theory papers (i.e. marks obtained in part - I)

            shall only be taken into consideration.




Edu. R-I


        In part –I the candidates will be examined in the following subjects. Each paper will be of hours duration and will carry 100marks.


                Paper - I         Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education

                Paper - II        Development of Learner and Teaching Learning Process

                Paper - III       Development of Education and Management in Secondary Education

                Paper - IV       Information & Communication Technology in Education


                Paper – V        Elective Subject (Any One)

                               1.  Population Education                                    2.  Elementary Education

                               3.  Career  Guidance                                         4.  Value Education and Human Rights

                               5.  Education Evaluation and Statistics                 6.  Information Technology in Education


                Paper – VI & VII (Content and Methodology)

                               1.  Gujarati Subject and Methodology                  2.  Hindi Subject and Methodology

                               3.  English Content & Method                             4.  Sanskrit Content & Method

                               5.  Social Studies Content & Method                   6.  Mathematics Content & Method

                               7.  Science Content & Method                           8.  Economics Content & Method

                               9.  Elements of Book-Keeping  Content & Method

                               10. Commerce Content & Method                       11. Home-Science Content & Method




A.                                                                                                                                Marks

1.      Practical Lessons  (15 in each Method)

        (Including 2 Digital Lessons)                                                                   130

   10 Marks extra for digital lessons    ( 120 + 10 )                                           

2.     Internship Programme (5 in each method)                                                  30    

3.     Preparation of Teaching Aids  (Any One Method )                                        20      

4.     Blue-Print-Question  Paper  ( 100 Marks )    Method-I                                  15

                                                                                     Method-II                                  15


B.    Community Work and Co-curricular activities

1      Social Work (Any Two Activities)                                                             20

2      Co-curricular activities including Games                                                     25

3      Communication skills / Presentation of paper                                              15

4      Creative work                                                                                      15

5      Yoga                                                                                                  20


C.     Field based experience   

1      Two  Psychological Tests                                                                       20

2      One Psy. Experiment                                                                             10

3      Case Study  / Action Research                                                               15

4      Book Review   (Excluding Text-Book)                                                       10

5      One Term Paper  ( Any Compulsory Subject )                                            10

6      Four Assignments of Content Papers                Content – 1                        20

                                                                                      Content – II                        20


D.     Periodical Test

1      Terminal Test                                                                                      25

2      Preliminary Examination                                                                         75

3      Practical work (one in each paper- I to V)                                                50



1      Attendance                                                                                         20

2      Viva                                                                                                   20



                                                                                      Two Annual Lessons                   100


                                                                                                      Total                   700